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Nomadic nabs $6M for its modular VR system for retail spaces

Virtual reality might be a bit too expensive for residence are sufficient to taken away from right now, but for buyers going to dedicated retail gaps to know-how it there has to be an added something to make it worth their while. In its quest to body-build location-based retail suffers that users can physically seem, […]


SoFi has applied for a bank charter

In May, SoFi CEO Michael Cagney told TechCrunch the company would be applying for a bank contract in the next month. Well, its about a month eventually, and bombshell! the company have in fact done so. On June 6, SoFi applied for a de novo( or new) bank contract, according to a filing notice on […]


The HTC U11 is a good phone with a dumb gimmick

Squeezable sides are a very bad reason to buy a phone. Extremely now, when the U11s Edge Sense doesnt do a entire inferno of a lot. Who knows, perhaps one day it will do much more than simply propelling favorite apps. But even then, squeezable places will be a very bad reason to buy a […]


Katy Perry’s livestream isn’t over yet, but we’re over it

A appearance I have been watching for 72 hours Image: neilson barnard/ Getty Images Did you watch Katy Perry cry this weekend? If you’ve tuned into her livestream, you might have. It’s part gameshow, segment wellness bootcamp, and certainly unlike any other book rollout for a major pop star. Perry rationalized to Taylor Swift. She […]


The Strongest Girls Are The Girls With Anxiety

Photography She’s strong, because she’s in a constant battle with her nervousnes. It’s telling her that she’s weak. That she shouldn’t speak up. That she shouldn’t get out of bed. Some dates, she listens to everythingthat articulation tells her. Butotherdays, she discovers the power to ignore it. She feels the strengthto leave her apartment. To […]


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