Some of the Most Impressive Lava Footage You Will See

Kilauea- The Fire Within ” is a short cinema by Lance Page that researches the elegance, whodunit and danger of being subjected to Kilauea, an active shield volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. Director Lance Page explains:

“I wanted to just see the volcano doing what it does by forming the cameras away from human interaction and toward the fiery blood of the Earth. The Fire Within is our try at captivating what it felt like to witness molten rock-and-roll slowly burning down a dense moisture rainforest, or to peer into a 600 foot wide lava lake at Kilaueaa

s meeting crater.


ve never been anywhere else on the planet that involved as much respect and awareness for the natural environment around me. Pele’s ( Hawaiian for lava) captivating knockout and unsettling impression of peril were nothing short of humbling and make so much into perspective. Kilauea really did change my life.”

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My Boyfriend Was The I-24 Serial Killer, You Can Ask Me Anything

Ieva Urenceva

I’m not one of those crazy women who write erotic love letters to Charlie Manson. I had no opinion Tommy was anything other than a good guy where reference is filled. He impeded jumper cables in his stalk to assistance random people whose vehicles stopped and he had dinner at his parent’s house every Sunday night. He plowed me while ensuring respect, never smacked me, and he didn’t even like to be that rough in couch.

We assembled we were 19 at a disallow a town over from the one I grew up in. He was a friend of a friend and had a prodigious smile and smelled like Stetson and revolve me around and gript me and I knew right away we were going to fall for each other. We moved in together after a few months and even years after that we almost never fought. We felt like a team. We moved in tandem, ever gaping out for the other person’s back. We never had a power clash like a lot of couples I know. Being with Tommy came naturally. It was just.

Then the working day the police came.

I was upstairs in the soak and I heard a rucku. By the time I got a robe on and went down the stairs there were half a dozen people in the house and Tommy was in the back of a patrol car. Someone showed me a warrant and told me I had to get dressed and leave so we are able to inquiry the house. A female polouse came with me while I put on the first attire I saw. I wanted to go to the terminal but they said he wouldn’t be able to talk to me at least until tomorrow, so I Googled the number of a lawyer and cast her there instead.

The police wanted to talk to me too. They asked me to delivering a docket if I maintained one. I had to go through my email and try to figure out what I had been doing on a bunch of different dates. I cultivate from dwelling so it’s not like I usually have an alibi. I was in offend. I was weeping a good deal. I just said that I drive from dwelling and watch and I could probably tell them what happened on any specific day if they wanted to know. They seemed to understand. One of them sagged a carton of tissues on the desk and left me alone for awhile.

Tommy was a truck driver. One of those large-scale eighteen wheelers. He’d go back and forth on I-2 4 like Sisyphus. The end of one trip was the beginning of another, it was one endless loop but that’s how he provided for us. I had a undertaking but he made the big bucks and “were in” squirreling the majority of members of it apart for the future. We both wanted a lot of minors and a big house in town. And a nuptial, but we were too superstitious to scheme lots of it before we had the money saved.

None of the victims had any fund, so that wasn’t a reason. They were just gender works. They virtually didn’t even catch Tommy because pretty much no one dismissals when those type of beings travel missing. Transients. They go to hitch a ride and then they end up in a dumpster and no one knows if they’re in difficulty or if they just moved on to the next town. They go up and down I-2 4 just like Tommy. Exclusively people would know if Tommy went missing, he’s a family man, ever dwelling on Sundays for dinner.

Tommy’s problem was that there were just so many organizations. It got too difficult to ignore. And then one of the girls, she wasn’t a fornication employee, she had a real family and working they collected hell when she went missing. They hired a private detective when the police wouldn’t do fairly and after they drew that torso out of the dumpster it was national story. I wonder what they would have contemplated if they knew the reason their little angel was dead is because she was playing prostitute for fun. I guess it doesn’t matter, once you come from coin everything is a headline. People possibly would have liked that. They would have said “I always wondered what it would be like, I imagine about it very. She was stronger than me. So adventurous.”

People like to read about Tommy. They want to know what made a good son curdle bad. They say he had a act for representing wives daunted. Like, he got off on it. They say police find semen on all the bodies. They had a picture of him at religiou with his parents and then they had a picture of one of the dumpsters. They couldn’t get enough. They all wanted to talk to me. They demanded more photographs of him, more detailed information. Maybe something he said once. One assertive correspondent inkling there’d has become a five flesh sum of money available to me if I’d open an interrogation where I said we had once hired a girl to have a threesome with us.

There were 48 in all. All sex works, obtained up and down I-2 4 along his roadway. All strangled.

I wouldn’t conclude Tommy was the I-2 4 murderer if you asked me, but there’s a lot of indicate and proof pronounces for itself. They discovered a lot of the women’s jewelry in our room. Lockets and bracelets and echoes that expenditure some trailer camp boy a few hours work at Walmart. Parties who knew the victims could sit it all, though god knows why they inconvenienced to remember anything about those girls. They observed knives they experimented for blood and additional rope like the category that became the garrotes they found with the bodies. They attained a baggy of crushed up Benedryl they think he put in their sips. As if he was required to. Those girlfriends would do anything. They were thirsty, ravenous, hungry. If you smiled and were nature to them, they’d repute anything else you told them. They’d do anything you told them.

None of his victims ever “re going away”. That’s how you know he was really good. He didn’t leave any witnesses. It was all very clean.

But someone called in a convincing gratuity and then they discovered all relevant considerations in our house. Now he’s acclaimed. Now famed. They’re gonna applied a needle in his arm and he’s gonna stop saying he’s innocent. That he’s a god-fearing man.

He expressed surprise that I left him and I experienced terrible to do it but the optics precisely weren’t right. We don’t live in a kind of world anymore. The public really wouldn’t “ve got something to” do with me as a shaky wife who was too dumb to know she was shacking up with a serial executioner. I left him and I told the times and the cameras that I wanted to stand up for women. I wouldn’t be with a man like that, if I’d have know he was a man like that. I was tricked the path so many maids are.

Of course he too doesn’t is well known the time I followed him down I-2 4 — the time I encountered him with that working girl. He doesn’t know that’s why I insisted on traveling with him so often. I told him it was a enjoyable confidential, that it became the fornication good because we were in so many strange arranges. Of direction he’d fall asleep and I’d get bored. He always slept like a enter. One go after he fell asleep a girl had the nerve to come to the area. She’d examined his truck and thought he’d want some firm, it can get on the road you are familiar with. I learnt her “whats happening in” girls who conclude souls cheater. And then I speculated I might as well educate Tommy what happens to men who cheat, very. And then it simply grew this whole large-scale stuff. For the first time in a very long time I could see a future that was brighter than Tommy and what his enterprise could get us. I could see something bigger than this city and this mood. I realise could be bigger than all that.

I’ve been talking to a lot of media. I’m going to go on some TV presents, I even got them to pay for someone to help me find some flattering invests and the other lady to come and do my fuzz and makeup ahead. This is all just so glamorous. I’m thinking about moving to LA.

My boyfriend is one of America’s most prolific serial murderers. Do you are familiar with any person who is want to interrogation me? I’m on the lookout for a screenwriter, too. I wish Drew Barrymore were 10 years younger so she could play me. I time don’t think it’s that plausible with the age gap. Perhaps Billie Lourd. I always liked her.

After the media dies down I’m sure my notebook will be ready and then I’ll go on a diary tour and then hopefully the movie script is likely to be done. I truly do hope we can get Billie Lourd. Maybe Bill Skarsgard play games Tommy. Just imagine the attention the press would establish that. Perhaps we are in a position bend this all into a franchise somehow.

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5 Tips For Clogging Your Drain To Keep Whatever Is Trying To Come Up Out Of It At Bay

When you’ve got something trying to claw its way out of your pump, sometimes it can be too expensive to liquidate someone to impediment your drop for you. Try out some of these tips instead!

1. Exclusively use red fuzz to clot your depletion : The last event you want to hear while you’re trying to brush your teeth in the morning is the sound of long talons incessantly tapping at the inside of your pump hoses, longing to escape from your walls in order to be allowed to implant its eggs into your “cat-o-nine-tail” like a spider wasp. One simple solution to push back the abomination that obstructs trying to pulling itself up out of your depletion is to go ahead and shove some blood-red fuzz down your capsize, but make sure you ONLY use red. The glob will naturally act as a hurdle, and the snarling event down there seems to be afraid of ruby-red whisker, while black hair does nothing, and blond “hairs-breadth” demonstrates it strength.

2. Yell down your sag for the ogre to leave you alone : Sometimes the best course to blockage your drainage is with your tone. The unknowable nightmare in your submerge may not understand English, but if you get your face right into your capsize and sternly shout phrases like “I don’t like it when you live in my ditch! ” or “Please stop clanging the pipings when you contact your sexual climax in my plumbing! ” it understand better from the flavor of your utter “that youre not” wants to play, which will hopefully contribute it to shrink back to whatever hell it spawned from.

3. Try relinquishing a plumber into your subside : It’s hard to think about anything else when the devil under your settle maintains reaching its entrust up to embezzle your toothbrush off the top of the settle then scooting back down the drain. One simple solution is to invite a plumber over, slit their throat, and give their blood burst out into your settle. The little drain-dweller will hopefully take the blood of a plumber as a peace offering, and will realize that you are not an antagonist but a admirer. Upon that actualization, perhaps, it’ll respects you enough to stay on its own territory. This tip-off is extra-effective if your plumber is also an ordained priest.

4. Don’t jostle any electronics down there because whatever’s down there has the intelligence to figure out how it runs : You might think that throwing something down your drain that’s a bit more sturdy, like earphones or even an old-time cell phone, would clog up your sag so bad that you wouldn’t hear another banshee scream from whatever the fuck is down there. But, this crawling restraint reflex is not stupid. If you remove any kind of electronic down your drain, the mortal in your capsize will undergo the process of growth so rapidly, it will develop inventions human could never fathom and use those to free itself from your settle and threaten life as we know it. So putting electronic machines down there: a big no-no!

5. Know when it’s time to only dispense with and move : Sometimes you can try as hard as they are able to, you can follow all the rules, but at the end of the day, the unquenchable occasion in your sink points up prevailing. There’s no reproach in admitting win, parcelling up your events, and leaving your situate. Hopefully, you won’t have the same problem in the next home you live!

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Unity CEO John Riccitiello on Apples big event, privacy and the AR apps well see within the year

Presumably, it would be good for business to speak onstage at an Apple event — essentially the tech world’s equivalent of a U2 concert. But John Riccitiello, the CEO of San Francisco-based Unity Technologies, says you won’t construe him presenting at tomorrow’s Apple event or that of any other scaffold companionship, for that matter.

The reason: Harmony, which constructs software at the heart of Pokemon GO and other interactive recreation, encounters itself becoming the actual content creation engine for a wide number of companies and their applications. While Apple is expected tomorrow to liberate iOS 11, which includes support for ARKit, a implement kit for developers to readily generate AR apps, and Unity < em> supportings ARKit, the 13 -year-old company doesn’t want to be perceived as playing favourites. Says Riccitiello, “Our philosophy is to put potent tools in hands of developers, but too to support every meaningful platform so they are unable have success” — whether that’s Apple or Google or even Amazon.

We talked with Riccitiello earlier today about the company’s approach, along with the short-term future of AR and VR, where Unity is positioned to play a starring role for some time to come. Our schmooze has been edited for length.

TC: Apple is clearly well-positioned to usher in the AR age with its coming iPhone 8 and iOS 11. How important are these liberates to Unity, and will you factor into the indicate? Are you interposing some information at its phenomenon ?

JR: We’re probably under 12 NDAs[ with Apple ]. But we’re by definition cross-platform, this is why we never build platform-specific expressions. We reinforce more than 30 programmes and I can’t think of a era when we’ve induced a platform-specific demo.

I can talk about a lot of interesting thing, though. The future of AR and VR, my family…

TC: Okay then, let’s talk about the future of VR, which is seemingly considerably out than beings had earlier suspected .

JR: Commercial employments are taking off like crazy, but sure, generally addressing, “consumers interests” surface of VR is off to a slow start. The hardware is too expensive; it’s not that functional. Those difficulties will solve themselves by the 2018 -2 019 time frame, which is what I’ve been saying since 2015.

Now, if you take this new stuff, exerting your telephone for AR –[ including via] ARKit and[ Google’s recently introduced challenger to ARKit] ARCore, the future is coming swiftly. The biggest app in record was Niantic’s Pokemon GO, powered by Unity. Tens of thousands of parties frisked Pokemon GO. That was just the start.

TC: What will we be doing with our phones a year from now ?

JR: You’ll part a camera at a friend’s shoes and be told where to get them and at what price. In a year, a love will be able to use an app that scans your mas and comes up with a millimeter accurate representation, so you’ll know what you’d look like inside that special shirt or dress, based on the dimensions of the wear. You’ll also be able to time your telephone at an acquaintance and pull up their LinkedIn profile, or item at a diner and a menu will pop up, together with intelligence perhaps about which pals have been there and who is the designer for the building.

We’ve been were affected by what we can character with our thumbs until now. But our[ phone] cameras are endlessly more powerful for many, many cases.

TC: What are the some the demands that are made of an locomotive in a portable or compact ability? Presumably you don’t require the graphical devotion that beings expect on their PC or console, but it can’t be horrendous either .

JR: On a smaller screen, you’re right that this is necessary less decide — fewer pixels. But that’s changing tight. All the equipment producers are affording high-resolution screens; they’re croaking bezel-less to give you more real estate. We’re three to four years behind leading consoles and PCs in terms of overall recital, but as CPUs and GPUs become more efficient and less energy-dependent — processors are ability right now of thirty frames per second and it will be 60 — we’ll be able to do more and more.

Basically, today’s mobile phones are akin to PlayStation 2s. By next year, they’ll be PlayStation 3s. By 2020, they’ll be at the PlayStation 4 tier in terms of treating capability.

TC: You mentioned the capacities of someone to scan a stranger with an augmented reality app and pull up sketch information about such person or persons. That’s inevitably going to give people the creepings. Do you have privacy fears or is that something regulators will have to grapple with ?

JR: At Unity, we make tools to build thoughts possible. You can make an orphanage or you can make a weapon. Parties figure out what they’ll conclude with it.

With privacy, you’re right. Do you require someone pointing a camera and knowing who you are? You can perhaps chose to opt into or out of databases[ though that will be slippery ]. Beings might scan their dwelling so they can play a shooter game inside their home, but if mom is taking an antidepressant and it’s on the counter, you maybe don’t want that out there. Or you maybe don’t miss your body scan out there in public.

What are smart approaches? Perhaps your scan remains only on your machine, and the costume comes to you instead of vice versa. Then again, it’s pretty efficient for Amazon to hold your body magnitudes, in order to be allowed to ordering something not just from your phone but on your computer or tablet. These are issues that regulatory agencies as well as big and small companies will have to wrestle with.

They’re wrestling with them now. My niece’s and nephew’s birthdays are in Amazon[ which is a Unity customer ]. I can mostly click on a football and it acre on[ my nephew’s doorway] and I’m glad[ founder and CEO Jeff] Bezos figured it out so I don’t look like a knucklehead. But that’s a privacy matter. Amazon knows my nephew’s birthday and address.

TC: So privacy isn’t an issue as long as beings like the company, seemingly. I read a article earlier that indicated it would be a lot worse if Google and Facebook were spoofed than Equifax, more parties don’t hesitate to provide both companies with all kinds of information .

JR: Most people have very low[ privacy] settings on Facebook, and they experience the well being of universally disseminated information, like when it comes to finding a long-last classmate and being able to ping that person.

But it’ll be more difficult to crack your fingerprint on an Apple device. Eye scans has become even more unique.[ Editor’s note: the iPhone 8 ought to be able to facet an iris scanner .]

I do think there will be smarter ways to stratify where your data lives.

Read more: https :// 2017/09/ 11/ unity-ceo-john-riccitiello-on-apples-big-event-privacy-and-the-ar-apps-well-see-within-the-year /

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Mueller Probe Has Red-Hot Focus on Social Media, Officials Say

Russia’s effort to influence U.S. voters through Facebook and other social media is a “red-hot” focus of special solicitor Robert Mueller’s investigation into the 2016 poll and possible is linked to President Donald Trump‘s accompanieds, is in accordance with U.S. bureaucrats familiar with the matter.

Mueller’s team of prosecutors and FBI workers is zeroing in on how Russia spread bogus and prejudicial intelligence through social media and is seeking added indicate from companies like Facebook and Twitter about what happened on computer networks, said one of government officials, who expected not to be identified debating the ongoing investigation.

The ability of foreign nations to use social media to manipulate and influence ballots and programme is increasingly seen as the soft underbelly of international espionage, another bureaucrat said, because it doesn’t involve the stealing of state secrets and the U.S. doesn’t have a ready defense to prevent such attacks.

Agencies including the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are now analyse what could be done to prevent similar interference and espionage in future elections, starting with the 2018 midterm congressional poll, government officials said. At the same period, Russia is ramping up its hacking activities, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats said.

” Russia have undoubtedly presumed an even more aggressive cyber posture by increasing cyber espionage the activities and divulging data stolen from those operations ,” Coats said Wednesday at the Billington Cybersecurity Summit in Washington.

Read a QuickTake Q& A on the Trump-Russia chronicle

Mueller’s office declined to comment on the status of the investigation. Russian officials have repeatedly affirmed both governments was behind hacking in the U.S.

The focus of Mueller’s probe comes as the Republican and Democratic leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is conducting its own investigation, say social-media firms including Facebook have to be more forthcoming about what they insured occurring on their pulpits last year and how they have responded.

Facebook Inc . said last week it knew about $100,000 in ad expend connected to forge accounts perhaps run from Russia. That followed an April report by the company that summarized arranged campaigns to misinform the public.

Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr, a North Carolina Republican, said Tuesday that it’s” maybe more an issue of when” than if there will be a discovering with Facebook officers as part of his panel’s probe. Mark Warner, the committee’s top Democrat and a onetime telecommunications company founder, said Facebook’s revelation appears to be” the tip of the iceberg. I think there’s going to be much more .”

” This is the Wild, Wild West ,” Warner said.

GOP Senator Seeks Facebook’ Full Accounting’ on Russia Ad Money

Representative Adam Schiff of California, the top Democrat on the House intelligence panel, “re just saying that” committee also has ” been in discussions with information and communication technologies companionships, including Facebook.”

” They have briefed our staff on their most recent report, and I’ve had a briefing several times, ” he said in an interrogation. More intelligence is being sought from Facebook, but Schiff wouldn’t provide details.

Facebook said in a statement that” we have shared our obtains with U.S. dominions investigating these issues, and we will continue to work with them as needed .”

The Menlo Park, California-based company has so far declined to disclose the specifics of the ads and reputes the information may be protected under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, according to a person familiar with the issues. The firm likewise declined to say how much more detail it threw researchers, and said it can’t disclose how it perceived 470 imitation notes and sheets affiliated with the ads” for operational and security rationales .”

Richard Ledgett, the former deputy director of the National Security Agency who adjourned earlier this year, said it’s unlikely that social-media fellowships knew how Russia was using them before the election because U.S. intelligence agencies didn’t even fully grasp what was happening.

The NSA had some acquaintance before the election of personal computers infrastructure Russia was using, but it was looking abroad and not at what was happening through social media in the U.S ., Ledgett said in an interview.

Listen to a Decrypted podcast on Facebook, fake word and the U.S. Election

” The startle was the incorporated in a entire expedition ,” Ledgett said.” It’s the elaboration of some narratives and the suppression of other storeys to bias you. That’s really hard to fight against. That’s where people need to think critically .”

One hurdle for the governmental forces in responding to such state-coordinated strikes is that there are constitutional very concerned about intelligence agencies monitoring social media, one agent said.

Going forwards, the government should probably share information about affect operations by foreign adversaries with U.S. social-media business, Ledgett said. Ultimately, though, the companies have to police themselves, and individuals need to be educated customers of information, Ledgett said.

The U.S. reply is seen as complicated, though, because it shortages policy direction from the top. Coordination across various agencies perhaps will be required, including from the FBI, the Homeland Security Department and the Federal Election Commission.

Trump’s Reluctance

Trump has appeared reluctant to embrace its possible conclusion of intelligence agencies that Russia interfered in the 2016 poll, frequently calling the federal investigation a “witch hunt” and” forge report” thus promoting Democrats angry that they lost the presidential election.

The FBI declined to comment, placing instead to observations that Director Christopher Wray made during a national protection powwow in Washington on Sept. 7.

” The FBI also has a counterintelligence mission, which is more of a forward-looking mission, exactly more geared towards avoidance — that is prevention of Russia interference in, say, a future poll ,” Wray said at the conference, hosted by the Intelligence and National Security Alliance.” I’m impressed with the strides that are being formed on that front .”

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Business models will drive the future of autonomous vehicles