Camera IQ raises $2.3M to tap augmented realitys marketing potential

How’s this for a prophecy: “Camera media will be bigger than TV.”

That’s according to Camera IQ CEO Allison Wood. By “camera media” she signifies filters, lenses and other augmented actuality accomplishes — Wood told me she’s been studying AR and camera outcomes for years, including a period as an associate professor at the Pratt Institute.

Last year, she founded Camera IQ with COO Sonia Tsao to help companies build commerce and announce suffers for smartphone cameras. The big tech platforms have also been building their own AR implements( we’ll perhaps hear more about Apple’s ARKit in just a couple of hours, for example, while Facebook recently propelled its own AR studio ), but Wood said it remains “quite a ruptured landscape, ” one that Camera IQ can help combine with its drag-and-drop tools for creating, distributing and quantifying AR content.

“We’ve originated an end-to-end fiber that blends AR toolkits, OS stages and native apps, ” she said. “You could attain the comparison that we’re kind of the Marketo of the camera.”

Camera IQ is announcing that it has raised $2.3 million in grain fund is presided over by Shasta Ventures, with participation from Presence Capital, GC Tracker, Brilliant Ventures and Act One. Jacob Mullins( who used to work with me at VentureBeat, and who now focuses on AR and VR at Shasta) is joining Wood and Christian Gammill on Camera IQ’s board of directors.

The Los Angeles-based startup already has a number of well-known clients, including Goldenvoice( the company that produces Coachella ), Refinery2 9 and Viacom. Wood “re just saying that” while Camera IQ’s core business is its “camera experience manager, ” it also works with purchasers on programme and innovative supporter — partly because there’s so much work to do to explore the medium’s potential.

“From a spatial scheme position, we’re not talking about advertising and time giving a certificate, ” she said. “We’re talking about laying pathways, laying narratives out in the physical world for audiences to engage with and to be compelled by. … They’re employ with the firebrand at a deeper level.”

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