U.S. Navy will start using Xbox controllers to steer periscopes

U.S. Navy periscope hustlers will soon have a new road of steering their sights. Inaugurating in November, some Navy submarine periscopes will be operated via Xbox controllers.

For those with a The Hunt for Red October -era knowledge of submarine engineering, today’s periscopes are not the binocular-style structures you’re familiar with. Periscope goal is now played via high-resolution cameras that relay their video to big-screen flaunts. Anyone in the dominance chamber can view these flaunts. The periscope adventurers themselves use a glorified joystick to control the rigging. This arrangement( which consists of a photonic pole handgrip and likeness control panel, in agreement with the Navy Times) was designed by Lockheed Martin and costs $38,000 to develop.

Times are changing though, and today’s marines are already familiar with various technologies. Why re-engineer the motor?

So the Navy, in conjunction with contractor Lockheed Martin, chit-chat with some of its junior men and sailors to figure out how they could improve this system. After researching acts out at a classified research lab for the past two years, they concluded that Xbox controllers could be a more cost effective, lighter, and less clunky alternative to the joystick. It also only generally made sailors a few minutes to figure out how to use the $30 Xbox controller-based organisation on their own. In differentiate, it made sailors hours to learn how to use the previously developed helicopter-style stick.

Senior Chief Mark Eichenlaub, the deputy sailor aboard the U.S.S. John Warner , told Pilot Online that the Navy plans to bring other familiar technologies to Navy craft as well. This includes electronic touchscreen technology such as iPads, and working in” virtual milieu .”( This seems like a austere about-face from the days when the Navy paid$ 9 million to keep using Windows XP .)

The Navy’s Xbox controllers will make their entry in November when the U.S.S. Colorado is commissioned, but will be implemented in other Virginia-class subs in the future.

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