How you could be Postman Pat for a day and earn extra cash

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Cartoon characters Postman Pat and Mr Plod represent a bygone period in deliveries

A stretching number of start-ups are trying to help retailers deliver goods to patrons more quickly and at lower cost. But can they really compete with the big courier and postal conglomerates?

It was a road accident in the Norwegian elevations that caused the idea for start-up delivery companionship Nimber.

One of the founders was on his action to a ski-jumping rival near Lillehammer when he saw a postal truck had overturned on the road.

“No one was pained, but all these gondolas were just progress by, ” says Nimber president of the united states Ari Kestin, whose marriage Knut Bjerke obliged the errand.

“He reputed, why don’t they are no longer and carry some of the parcels to their ends? A light-bulb came on.”

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