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FurReal Buddies Cookie My Playful Pup Review

The FurReal Buddies selection of pets happen to be well-liked by children for a long time now, designed as realistic toy pets for the children, without all down to possessing a genuine animal. Cookie My Playful Pup may be the latest addition towards the series. She responds to stuff you tell her, and moves as being a real puppy. She has been listed among Kmart’s Great 15 Holiday Toys, and it is certain to be well-liked by little boys and women this holidays.

Options that come with Cookie My Playful Pup

* 14 inches tall,
* Can sit or lie down,
* Soft fur,
* Has a squeaky toy bone,
* Makes a number of puppy sounds,
* Responds as to the you say,
* Wags her tail and moves whenever you pet her.

Is Cookie My Playful Pup Worth Purchasing?

It is the little particulars which make a big difference, and Cookie does indeed look realistic. For what she will do, here’s their list of actions:

* She wags her tail and barks whenever you pet her around their head or back,
* She moves her head towards your hands whenever you pet her around the neck,
* She might even go to sleep whenever you pet her for a long time,
* She makes crushing noises whenever you place the toy bone in her own mouth,
* The very best factor is she will even react to that which you say: she talks back as little barks.

One negative is always that you’ll need 4 C batteries to obtain Cookie to operate. Although she includes four incorporated, these have to be changed as they’re going to have been employed for the demo mode.

Another disadvantage to this toy is it is not as soft as affectionate like a stuffed toy. No one is able because of the electronics incorporated to obtain Cookie to walk in circles. Nevertheless, Cookie is much softer than previous decades from the FurReal Buddies toys, and is much more realistic in the manner she moves. She’s still soft enough for children to cuddle, and also the electronics could be more than worthwhile for the truth that kids can connect to their new friend.

If you are a parent or guardian who is not yet ready to obtain a real pet, Cookie might be only the substitute you’ll need for the children this holidays. True, she costs a bit more than your standard affectionate toy, and is not as soft, but she will do a lot more too and doesn’t get dirty either. She does indeed seem like a genuine puppy!

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